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Cars and vehicle adverts are listed on Velyxa.com

You can advertise your cars and vehicles on our platform as a ‘Personal seller’, or a ‘Dealer’. You will enjoy amazing benefits as we advertise your vehicles to Nigerians. Buyers will communicate with you directly to ensure a smooth transaction process. Our categories includes exotic, luxury, premium, regular, recreational & vintage classes of all types of cars and vehicles. We provide as many premium brands and models to satisfy every need. Also, much details and features are listed to help the buyer’s decision process. Buyers can schedule test drives with sellers.

Autoservices can be added to our listing as well. The categories cover all aspects of vehicle services. And we keep it updated regularly.

Velyxa.com aims to get buyers the best deals for the best choice of cars and vehicles. And to help sellers and dealers get the greatest exposure for their inventory. Our platform keeps upgrading to showcase the best of vehicles in the best of ways. Let’s help you sell!

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Want to buy a premium vehicle?

Looking to own a new or used vehicle? You can browse through our inventory for inspiration.

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Looking to sell a used or new automobile? You can make inventory sales as a ‘Personal Seller’ or ‘Dealer’.

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Looking for vehicle finance? We are currently working on a facility to help own automobiles.

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