Terms and Conditions.

VELYXA.com Service Agreement.

By providing your item information, you have agreed to allow VELYXA to publish your item on its website as part of its listing directory.
Dealers/Businesses/Users are responsible for keeping their listings (including change in address, change in description or contact details etc.) and pictures up to date in order for VELYXA to maintain the integrity of its item listings.

Each dealer/business/user is responsible for checking these terms from time to time for any possible changes that would be made. If you feel that any content posted by another dealer/business/user is in breach of these terms or infringes on your rights, it is your responsibility to inform VELYXA for appropriate resolution.

VELYXA may at any time terminate the listing of an item, or take down any advertising content displayed, if it is against business ethics or if it will foster legal issues, or such wise. Said dealer/business/user will be notified of such termination or removal of content, which will be effective immediately.

Being listed on the website gives VELYXA the right to share dealer/business/user‘s contact information with the general public (phone number, address, link to website etc.) and to use any listed item for marketing purposes.



VELYXA is a listing platform and therefore expects all dealers/businesses/users to provide accurate information, and is not responsible for any errors that may arise thereof. All site visitors are expected to carryout appropriate due diligence before concluding any business transactions with listed dealers/businesses/users.